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Our core focus for every project is how the website you want and envision works for the processes you need it to. This is an important distinction between us and other web design vendors. We get to know your business inside and out. We get personally invested in it’s success and we focus all our efforts on delivering you a website that is more than a pretty face.

Your Website should be a vector for business growth, and we can help you get it there.

Web Design, FAQ:


What’s the difference between doing  start to finish vs an established business revamping web presence

The biggest difference is discovering how established your existing content already is. This is really a two part discovery process. The first is figuring out the quality and quantity of your existing traffic and content. How many people are seeing it each day, week, month? What parts of your site are they looking at? Where is your traffic coming from? And other questions along this line of thinking.  Then developing a strategy to get you where you want to be in a realistic budget and time frame.  If you have no content or web presence, the answer to this is developing a plan to establish these things.  For both, it’s about building a plan and generating or rehabilitating content to achieve that plan.


How do you charge? hourly or per job?

We have an hourly rate. However, we prefer to scope out a job and provide a cost per job where appropriate. For clients that might have a little bit here and a little bit there that needs to be done, we suggest a retainer as an alternative that could be the cheaper method over time. For instance, if you need an hour of work every couple weeks, you could easily pile up $300-$400 in cost based off the hourly rate, but if you had a monthly retainer, the rate would be the same every month, no matter how long the project took, as long as it was in the scope of the retainer. We have clients we work with on all three plans (hourly, retainer, per project).  We find that new clients go with the scoped plan most often, then move onto a retainer like agreement as they quickly recognize the value and that the work we do is a service not a product. Hourly rates are usually charged for small gigs that are few and far between. And sometimes, (public) contracts require disclosure of an hourly rate, regardless of how they’re paying out.


Time frame/turn around

A basic website setup from scratch can be done in a couple weeks. A more complex undertaking can take 4-6 weeks. Some other questions to ask along this front would be, are you renovating an existing website? How much traffic is it currently getting and do you want to keep the inbound links intact as the structure of the website changes?  All of these impact timeline of our projects.  We work with all our clients to create a scope, budget, and timeline that fits their needs.


Do you do continued maintenance?

Yes, per the terms of the agreement we have with our clients. See discussion on pricing (above). In a retainer agreement, this is all built into the retainer.


What do you need from a client to get started

A conversation. In our initial conversation we seek to understand how the client got to today. Meaning, we want to know about their business. What makes it and them tick? How has their web presence played into their business (website, social media, etc)? How do they want their web presence to feed into their business in the future – is it a store, a process facilitator, an advertisement, all three? We do this to get a grasp of the scope of work that would be necessary to accomplish the goals of our clients.


Are there laws about web badge creation, logos, content, etc?

Logos/Badges: The big thing to be concerned about is making sure you’re using original content. Meaning, use your own artwork, your own photos, etc. You can trademark your logo if you wish to protect its use from others. We have close relationships with some artists that can draft of concepts for you if you wish to create a logo/badge.

Content: Use original content! This is a big part of our business for several very good reasons.

First, you don’t want your business associated with plagiarism. On top of being a bad idea, it opens you up to crushing lawsuits.

Second, search engines know when your content is not original and may penalize your site in search engine rankings.

Third, this is your opportunity to showcase your knowledge to the world. With the right content development plan, you can have a full fledged blog, social media presence, e-book, youTube videos, and podcast all getting your business in front of people every day. If this sounds like a lot to coordinate, well – that’s why you’d hire Core Values Consulting.


Do you host yourself or do you use a larger host site (go daddy, etc) and how do you choose?

We do not host websites ourself. We recommend SiteGround, they have excellent services and wonderful product support. To make things easier we can resell the hosting if you prefer to have us manage it. Or we can work on your behalf to set it up under your own account. We do however locally host development sites. This means that while the site is in development we host it at our office (for speed and so the final production site is cleaner).


Do you do graphic design for the websites?

We focus on having an integrated look throughout the websites we create. Consistent colors, etc. Some art/graphics may need to be purchased. That is included in the price of the website. There may be pieces of your website that we cannot produce in house, or procure from our normal channels. If that’s the case, we would certainly let you know. We want your website to match your vision. And if you don’t know what your vision is, we’d be happy to work with you on that too.


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